Together, we storm the PALARIES OF FEAR that are beneath us, beside us and within us. We dwell in them, tear down their walls, rebuild. We redesign them and retell them again and again until the demolition party becomes a strategy.
One crisis follows the next, the negative headlines overlap. We are afraid. We are afraid of those who ruthlessly take things over, of those who innocently spend themselves – of those who violently jeopardise further, of those who powerlessly enter into resistance – of those who exercise privileged sovereignty of interpretation, of those who are repeatedly pushed back. We are afraid of fear and its effects.

Our PALÄSTE DER ANGST series addresses these social fears and explores the potential of an artistic confrontation with them. How can we deal with fear? Who is still afraid? And was everything really better in the past?

Our need for good news, solidarity and shared positive experiences is great. Together with guest artists and our audience, we are therefore looking for strategies that allow us to adopt a positive attitude within a critical cosmos. The kitsch of the coming years is not the dreamy afterlife, but the real shared experience.


  1. We celebrate fear and thus rob it of its eeriness
  2. We sneak into as many scenarios of courage as possible
  3. We always do it together

PALÄSTE DER ANGST is supported by the City of Stuttgart, the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of Baden Württemberg and the State Association of Independent Theatres of Baden Württemberg.