backsteinhaus is afraid… PALÄSTE DER ANGST

with various cultural institutions from Stuttgart and the rest of Germany of the future, the European elections, the climate and much more.
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Together with Theater Rampe, JES, Junge Oper Stuttgart, Eintanzhaus Mannheim and Go Plastic Company Dresden, we will each be afraid for one evening and ask in the five different dialogue performances: What do we need to be able to face the general fear well? And what potential does social fear harbour? We discover commonalities and different strategies for courage. We try to learn what we should unlearn for the better, and listen carefully. Because the backsteinhaus PALASTORCHESTER, consisting of Siri Thiermann and Heiko Giering, performs courageously and exposes the faces of fear.


Mai 24
Mi 22.5.
20:00 o'clock, Premiere
Eckladen, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart


Heiko Giering
Nicki Liszta
Isabelle v. Gatterburg
Paulina Mandl
Franziska Stulle
Valentin Leuschel
Emma Sulz

Palace orchestra
Heiko Giering
Siri Thiermann


Supported by the City of Stuttgart, the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of Baden Württemberg, the Landesverband Freier Theater Baden Württemberg as part of the PALÄSTE DER ANGST series