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Dance performance by backsteinhaus produktion Premiere:
July 21st 2023 at EinTanzHaus, Mannheim
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In FEEN // FAIRIES we experience five dancers dealing with social visibility and invisibility as well as two soft floor mats. Associated resistances, attributions, regressions and advances in the struggle for visibility and distribution of power give us insight into five different realities.

Half an hour before the performance begins, there is a stage tour with tactile guidance. If you are interested, please register at ed.noitkudorpsuahnietskcab@aniluap

Live audio description is available for FEEN // FAIRIES and a stage tour with tactile guidance takes place half an hour before the performance begins.

Registration for audiodescription and tactile tour by mail at ed.noitkudorpsuahnietskcab@aniluap.

Accessibility EinTanzHaus Mannheim:

Accessibility Lichthof Theater Hamburg:

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Juli 23
Fr 21.7.
20:00 o'clock, PREMIERE
EinTanzHaus, Mannheim
Sa 22.7.
20:00 o'clock
EinTanzHaus, Mannheim
So 23.7.
20:30 o'clock, Festival
Sommerwerft, Frankfurt
September 23
Fr 15.9.
20:15 o'clock
Sa 16.9.
20:15 o'clock
Dezember 23
Sa 16.12.
20:00 o'clock
So 17.12.
20:00 o'clock
Januar 24
Sa 13.1.
20:00 o'clock
So 14.1.
20:00 o'clock
So 14.1.
15:00 o'clock
Februar 24
Fr 9.2.
20:00 o'clock
Hoch X, München
Sa 10.2.
20:00 o'clock
Hoch X, München


Dance and Performance: Steven Chotard, Ariadna Gironès Mata, Seung Hwan Lee, Tegest Pecht-Guido, Andreia Rodrigues
Choreography: Nicki Liszta in collaboration with the performers
Music: Heiko Giering
Stage Design: Moritz Martin, Nicki Liszta
Costume Design: Rebecca Moltenbrey
Lighting Design: Lorenz Uhlig
Dramaturgy: Paulina Mandl, Natascha Moschini
Artistic Assistance and Production Manager: Isabelle von Gatterburg
Press and Public Relations: Kathrin Stärk
Awareness Advisor: Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel
Audio Description: Valentin Leuschel, Peter Luttringer
Education and Outreach: Paulina Mandl
Documentation: Adrian Schmidt
Photography: Dominique Brewing


Funded by the City of Stuttgart, LBBW Stiftung and the Ministry for Science, Research, and Art of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. Enabled by the programme »Weiterkommen!« of Zentrum für Kulturelle Teilhabe Baden-Württemberg (ZfKT).


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