Joint research project between backsteinhaus produktion and the contemporary circus collective Circo Virtual.
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accompanying Fricciones, derrumbes y paisajes / Frictions, collapses and landscapes / Friktionen, Kollapse und Landschaften

October 27th 2023 //  6:00 – 8:00 pm
Fusion Movement Workshop
What connects contemporary dance and circus? Together we will approach these two forms of movement.
Afterwards we invite you to a plate of soup and to exchange experiences.

October 28th and 29th 2023 // 4:00 – 7:00 pm
Physical Research Workshop
For the warm-up we will have a mixture of contemporary dance and circus. Afterwards we will explore the theme of imbalance and explore small phrases that we will then try out in public space. Afterwards we invite you to a plate of soup and to exchange experiences.

The workshops take place in the Schwabenbräu Passagen in Bad- Canstatt and are suitable for all people who like to move – with or without previous knowledge. We offer workshops and soup for free, because it is part of our research, but we would be happy if you put something in our donation box.

Before the joint research project of backsteinhaus produktion and the contemporary circus collective Circo Virtual, there were research residencies in Germany and Chile in 2021. By getting to know each other’s artistic working methods, both genres move closer together and a new, common movement language emerges.

Intercultural exchange and the involvement of a broader group of interested people is a major focus. Different workshops give the opportunity to research, experiment and reflect together with the artists of Circo Virtual (Juan Pablo Corvalán und Esteban Amaya) and backsteinhaus produktion (Isabelle von Gatterburg und Paulina Mandl). The project is supported by the Cross Culture grant of the ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.

The research project and all related workshops focus on the meaning of balance. We are united by the feeling that the world is coming apart at the seams, that it is slipping more and more into a tilted position, and that we are busy every day trying to restore the balance on both a large and a small scale. So far, our human attempts are not only failing miserably, but are furthering the skew.

We begin our research with ourselves, seeking our personal BALANCE in a world of OFF-BALANCE. To find balance, we approach, learn about, and embrace imbalance.
In doing so, much of the physical research will take place in public space, because public space is for us an experimental arrangement, a challenge and an active player in this theme.

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Oktober 23
Fr 27.10.
18:00 o'clock
PRISMA, Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart
Sa 28.10.
16:00 o'clock
PRISMA, Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart
So 29.10.
16:00 o'clock
PRISMA, Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart


Esteban Amaya, Juan Pablo Corvalán, Isabelle von Gatterburg, Paulina Mandl