come closer… open class

A workshop for all who love to move!
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The individual movement style of the dancers is a big part of the work of backsteinhaus produktion. We invite you to take a closer look, offering you two workshops with two of our dancers from the current production FEEN (FAIRIES):

Friday 9.6. with Ariadna Girones Mata from 17:30-19:00.
Sunday 11.6. with Seung Hwan Lee from 15:00-16:30

The workshops are open to anyone who likes to move.
If you have any special needs or questions or just want to register, feel free to write to: ed.noitkudorpsuahnietskcab@aniluap.

After a warm up and training we will work on concrete physical tasks related to our current production. We will experiment with this and explore possibilities.

Ariadna and Seung are both very experienced dancers who are active in the international independent scene. They will bring their own signature to the class.

The class is a part of our get-to-know program and therefore free of charge. But you are welcome to donate something, which we will use for further actions, for eating soup together, reflecting, discussing and dancing.


Funded by the program “Weiterkommen!” of the Center for Cultural Participation of the State of Baden-Württemberg and by the City of Stuttgart.


Juni 23
Fr 9.6.
17:30 o'clock
Probenraum Kunstverein Wagenhallen e.V., Stuttgart
So 11.6.
15:00 o'clock
Probenraum Kunstverein Wagenhallen e.V., Stuttgart