HAPPY ENDINGS »The Case of Man«

– a danced farewell performance
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»it’s all memories, it’s all in the future«

Using the body as material, we create moving memories and visions of the future. We are expanding our museum collection, which we started for HAPPY ENDING at the beginning of 2022…

…and at the same time saying goodbye to the current Rampe team, with whom backsteinhaus produktion has had a seven-year liaison. To mark the occasion, we are gathering artists from the past years around a large table.


Januar 23
Do 12.1.
20:00 o'clock, Premiere
Theater Rampe, Stuttgart


Team: Georg Bomhard, Christopher Bühler, Steven Chotard, Ariel Cohen, Isabelle Gatterburg, Heiko Giering, Caroline Intrup, Nicki Liszta, Paulina Mandl, Rebecca Moltenbrey, Thorge Pries, Andreia Rodrigues, Kathrin Stärk

Photos: Dominique Brewing
Video: Adrian Schmidt


Funded by the City of Stuttgart and the Ministery for Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg as well as Fonds Darstellende Künste by funds of the commissioner of the German federal government for culture and media within the scope of Neustart Kultur.


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A piece for a speaker, a conductor, a musician and trucker, a choir, five to six dancers and a child. As wolves, they dance in...


Dance performance by backsteinhaus produktion